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SPOT-ON garden care


  • Makes up to 27 litres.
  • Controls a wide range of weeds and grasses.
  • Fast acting, pelargonic acid formula.
  •  Treats 440m² of weeds & 555m² of moss.
  • 1 litre concentrate.


SKU: SPT351000

SPOT-ON Total Weed & Moss Killer MAPP 19835 containing 500g/L fatty acids: pelargonic acid Is an emulsifiable concentrate formulation, is a non-selective, contact weed and moss killer that acts quickly by desiccation of the target weeds and moss.


Ideal for use on weeds and moss on bare soil, around trees, and woody shrubs on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, such as along fence lines, beds, borders and on permeable surfaces overlying soil such as gravel pathways and bark chippings. SPOT-ON Total Weed & Moss Killer is supplied in a 1 litre concentrate bottle. Treatment can be made at any time of year when grasses and weeds and moss are actively growing. Use a low-pressure garden sprayer to mix the formula and target affected areas. Best results will be achieved when the ambient air temperature is more than 15ºC


SPOT-ON Total Weed & Moss Killer should be applied on a calm, dry day when there is no risk of spray drift onto adjacent desirable plants. It treats 40m² of weeds & 555m² of moss and visible results can be seen 2-3 hours* after spraying.

The SPOT-ON range is easy to use and our solutions to common hard surface issues will get the garden looking neat and tidy in no time.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

*dependant on weather conditions at the bottom

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