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SPOT-ON garden care


  • Controls greenfly, blackfly, spider mite, scale insect and more.
  • Uses physical mode of action to stop pests.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Use on edible and ornamental plants.
  • Pesticide-free.




SKU: SPT331000

SPOT-ON Bug Control is a ready-to-use pesticide-free spray that uses a 3 in 1 action to control protect and nourish. This formula controls a wide range of pest species including Greenfly, Blackfly, Aphids, Spider Mite, Mealy Bug, Scale, and Psylid.


Bug control can be applied to ornamental and edible plants, with no harvest interval so fruit and vegetables can be eaten hours after spraying. The spray is applied easily by turning the bottle nozzle to the ‘ON’ position and simply spraying the plant using the trigger. Through this action, the plants are nourished via foliar feeding. This bee-friendly formula should be applied thoroughly to the upper and lower leaf surfaces. Weekly re-application is advised to keep full control of the pests.


SPOT-ON Bug Control is an advanced British formula that also protects plants against powdery mildew by washing off spores. Bug control is best used early in the morning or late evening on ornamentals and edibles to protect them and make sure you have the healthiest of plants and tasty grow your own crops.

The SPOT-ON range is easy to use and our solutions to common garden issues will ensure you get the best possible results but with little effort.

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