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SPOT-ON garden care


  • Cleans paths and patios.
  • Disinfects greenhouses and plants pots.
  • Removes bad odours in drains.
  • Clears green growth, including algae.
  • Powerful action, kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Made in Britain.
  • 1 litre concentrated formula.


SKU: SPT71000

SPOT-ON Outdoor Cleaning Fluid is a 1 litre concentrate multi-purpose solution that cleans and kills germs on a range of outdoor items. It can also be used on outdoor areas to remove stains. Its powerful action kills 99.9% of germs and also clears green growth, including algae.


The multi-purpose cleaning fluid is supplied in a handy 1 litre recyclable container. This formula is applicable to many uses. Clean greenhouses and pots, use it to clear paths and patios and prepare for family gatherings by disinfecting garden furniture and BBQ’s. Apply using a plastic watering can or garden sprayer, leave to take effect for 30 minutes before rinsing. It is also an ideal solution for areas that require a deeper clean. For this instance apply the fluid neat (without dilution). You can remove bad odours this way too and use on drains and bins. It’s easy to use, waiting for a short while to take effect, taking the effort out of cleaning outdoors.


SPOT-ON Outdoor Cleaning Fluid is made in Britain meaning you can support a quality British brand. This formula offers powerful removal of green growth on many outdoor  surfaces. It is also great for disinfecting multiple areas and objects outdoors such as furniture, garden tools and many more. In a time when keeping items and areas clean is the most important the Outdoor Cleaning Fluid is a trusty solution to disinfect 99.99% of germs and keep the garden clean and loves ones safe.

The SPOT-ON range is easy to use and our solutions to common hard surface issues will get the garden looking neat and tidy in no time.

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